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Our experience has taken us into many different business arenas. Each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. The priorities of Telecomunication are completely different from Education and E-government bodies face challenges that are non-existent in the Pharmaceutical industry.

NouvaTech has teams of industry experts who are devoted 100% to solving problems and making advancements within their respective industries. We've developed information systems, methodologies and best-practices based on years of experience with top companies in all major industries.


Web-based technologies offer significant opportunities for Educational purposes as they remove the traditional geographical and time restrictions of the classroom or the exam hall. Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (Microsoft Learning Gateway and SLK), Schools, College and Corporate Educational Portals are all part of our Product and Service (see our SAAS software products) portfolio.

Usability and Accessibility are key areas that have helped us develop successful education systems.


By proactively identifying, aligning and eliminating low value applications, NouvaTech helps service providers improve the business performance of their IT applications portfolios, reduce substantial IT maintenance and support costs, and target areas for increasing new business value.

We create innovative custom applications, providing full lifecycle support throughout delivery.


Banks face the challenge of operating in saturated markets that stifle growth and margins. By combining our technology expertise with our extensive experience developing software for the banking sector NouvaTech helps put you ahead of the competition.


Pressure is increasing on insurers to transform their processes and operations in order to meet demands from shareholders to improve profitability, while meeting parallel demands from regulators and customers to reduce risk and improve transparency. Insurers in the both the life and pensions market as well as the property and casualty markets are rationalizing their Information Technology portfolios and using outsourcing firms to support their software development and integration projects.


NouvaTech works with healthcare organizations to quickly identify and implement changes that will lead to cost savings and improved care results using Information Technologies. We collaborate with our clients to ensure our solutions meet their needs.


Remain competitive through reducing costs, be in compliance with regulations and improving R&D processes. NouvaTech can help with tailored industry solutions that tackle your priority issues. In the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) arena, we can help you to make a smooth transition during the data integration and analytical systems implementation.Type your paragraph here.