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Parents supervision is fundamental to a child academic success. And having quick access to academic information and performance is essential to help them achieve their academic goals. 

SAAS Family Portal is the most recent addition to the award-winning school information software SAAS (School Advanced Academic System). The family portal allows the parents to see their children academic information through a 100% web based application, allowing "any time & anywhere" access to academic and institutional information in a highly secured-environment. 

Parents access their children schedule, graded activities, progress reports, behavior records, attendance records, grades and other academic related information. Pro-actively, they can help their children to prepare for future exams, track their progress, take preventive actions and strengthens the communication with teachers.

The Family Portal information gets updated in almost real-time. That means when your school staff updates the information in SAAS, the parents will be able to see that information almost immediately.

Give your school families the information they need, using an effective and easy to use tool: SAAS Family Portal.

Hosted at NouvaTech's Secure Data Center

Saves the school the expense of purchasing & maintaining an IT Infrastructure 
Benefits from Software as a Service (SaaS)/On-Demand delivery model 
Technical support 
Anti-Virus Protection 
Daily backups and second secured off-site backups 
Sophisticated security and data privacy model, including use of 128/256 bits Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 
Available 7/24


End-User: PC with Internet Browser and Broadband connection 
Complete information and system requirements are available upon request.

For more information and a Live Demo

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saas family portal

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Main Features

  • Quick access to household?s children updated academic information 
  • School Information, News, Announcements, Institutional Calendar and Contact Information 
  • Parents can send messages to its children?s teachers directly from the portal, creating a proactive collaborative environment

Easy Administration

  • Users authorization, News, Announcements and Calendar content updated directly from SAAS K-12 user friendly interface. It does not requires a separate administration utility. 
  • Fully integrated with SAAS K-12 application, not requiring double entry of information.