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Microsoft Learning content is available in many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. More languages available on request. 

Fully Integrated Server 

Microsoft Learning Content Server comes as a pre-configured virtual machine, pre-loaded with server, catalogue, and tools to integrate with ADFS, making it the perfect solution for the Enterprise. Installation is a snap, enabling you to get up and running fast. Once installed, your users access the course catalog and Microsoft Learning courses through a seamless single sign-on experience. All access is kept private within your organization?s Intranet, making it a completely secure environment.


Microsoft Learning Content is a very affordable system that can easily fit in your e-learning budget. NouvaTech provides multiple licensing options to best fit your needs.

In addition, NouvaTech provides a full authoring environment should you choose to author your own courses. Plus it is SCORM compatible, so many of your other courses are supported as well.


Microsoft Learning Content Server is the ideal solution for accessing Microsoft Learning content within your Intranet. Get started today by contacting NouvaTech and learning how you can get the most out of your Microsoft technology investments.

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Maximizing an investment in information technology is critical to any business success. One of the best options to insure a strong return in technology investment is through solid training. Whether software developers, IT professionals or office workers, training can take users to the next level of performance. For any organization that deploys Microsoft products and technology, training can have a significant impact. When evaluating learning options for your employees to gain the most from Microsoft software there are two important considerations:

Choosing the right training content, and 
Selecting the right training delivery platform.

The Right Training Content

When you need training for Microsoft technology solutions, your best choice is the source of the technology: Microsoft Learning. Microsoft Learning has assembled a vast suite of learning content that covers their main products and technologies to enable your organization to insure successful deployment. Microsoft developer, desktop, mobile and server solutions are covered. Many of the courses will prepare your employees to meet various Microsoft technology certifications. Microsoft Learning courses will not only help your organization maximize the use of Microsoft products, but help grow their skills, enabling them to meet their personal goals.

The Right Training Delivery Platform

When considering electronic delivery options for your Microsoft Learning content, it is important to consider a number of key points:

Maximum flexibility when interacting with the learning content 
Serving the needs of learners worldwide 
Fully integrated server with pre-loaded content for Intranet applications 

Microsoft Learning Content Offerings

Microsoft Office 
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 
Microsoft Exchange Server 
Microsoft Office Communications Server 
Microsoft Office Groove Server 
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 
Microsoft Windows Mobile 
Microsoft BizTalk Server 
Microsoft SQL Server 
Microsoft Virtualization Technologies 
Windows Server 
Microsoft Visual Studio 
Microsoft .NET Framework & ASP.NET

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