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School Advanced Academic System

SAAS is an integrated and user-friendly student information system (SIS) that allows educational institutions to efficiently support the management toward the academic achievement of every student. As the core system of a suite of tools, it provides real-time and accurate information allowing a collaborative environment between Teachers, Students, Parents and Administrative Staff.

SAAS has the best development and delivery team, hence, and without any doubt Registrars, Teachers, Students, Parents and School Administrative Staff can have at their fingertips, the most reliable and suitable software, that provides secured access to information.

Main Features

Simulate the school academic structure creating programs, departments, academic sessions, courses, sections, classrooms and groups. An Intelligent and Visual Scheduling. 
Allows to create different styles of grading curves, adjusted to your school?s standards and specific courses. Prepare grades, transcripts and progress reports with complete control over submission dates and access permissions. 
Monitor Students Demographic, Attendance, Behavior, Achievements and Standard Test results. Photo can be imported to student?s record. 
Access a wealth of information, statistics, school news and various other reports. 
Manage Household (family and contacts) and Teachers information.

Hosted at NouvaTech's Secure Data Center

Saves the school the expense of purchasing & maintaining an IT Infrastructure. 
Benefits from Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery Model. 
Accelerated technical support. 
Anti-Virus Protection 
Daily backups and second secured off-site backups. 
Available 7/24.

Easy Administration

Allows schools to store all important information in a single place. User authentication with detailed permissions and safely guarded passwords preventing unauthorized access to the system 
Multiple configurations and custom modifications are available upon request.


End-User: PC with Internet Browser and Broadband connection 
Complete information and system requirements are available upon request.

For more information and a Live Demo

For more information about SAAS, contact:

saas k-12

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