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School Advanced Academic System 
SAAS is an integrated and user-friendly student information system (SIS) that allows educational institutions to efficiently support the management toward the academic achievement of every student. As the core system of a suite of tools, it provides real-time and accurate information allowing a collaborative environment between Teachers, Students, Parents and Administrative Staff. SAAS has the best development and delivery team, hence, and without any doubt Registrars, Teachers, Students, Parents and School Administrative Staff can have at their fingertips, the most reliable and suitable software, that provides secured access to information. 

SAAS for Supplemental Educational Services 
SAAS SES is a customizable web-based student information system that allows SES program providers to maintain a record of the students pre-enrolled, their confirmation after been approved by the Department of Education to receive the services, and their attendance and grade progress. The software helps the provider prepares for new cycles, predicting how many teachers will be needed based on Students pre-enrolled, and keeping track of which courses each teacher could offer and at what time of the week he or she is available. It has detailed statistics reports including details on how many students receive services per program (third grade, fourth grade), per school, how many of those students belong to the Special Education or Contained Classrooms programs, average of the student?s progress per school based on the grades of the test taken prior and after the services were offered, and details on how many hours of services were offered by each teacher. 

SAAS Corporate Education Management System 
SAAS Corporate Education Management System allows companies to manage several aspects of employees and associates education data. SAAS is designed to manage user learning interventions. It is web-based to facilitate ?anytime, any place? access to learning content and administration allowing a collaborative environment between Instructors, Employees and Administrative staff. 

SAAS Family Portal 
SAAS Family Portal is the most recent addition to the award-winning school information software SAAS (School Advanced Academic System). The family portal allows the parents to see their children academic information through a 100% web based application, allowing ?anytime & anywhere? access to academic and institutional information in a highly secured-environment. 

Microsoft® Learning Content 
When you need training for Microsoft technology solutions, your best choice is the source of the technology: Microsoft Learning. Microsoft Learning has assembled a vast suite of learning content that covers their main products and technologies to enable your organization to insure successful deployment. Microsoft developer, desktop, mobile and server solutions are covered. Many of the courses will prepare your employees to meet various Microsoft technology certifications. Microsoft Learning courses will not only help your organization maximize the use of Microsoft products, but help grow their skills, enabling them to meet their personal goals.

Software Licensing
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Microsoft Volume Licensing 
Every workplace uses an array of Microsoft software. This means that Microsoft volume licensing agreements must cater for the varied and individual technology utilization requirements of a diverse range of customers, from the very smallest to the largest in the corporate, education and public sectors. The decision to utilise or enhance a particular platform or range of products delivers the maximum return on investment when it is licensed in the most cost effective method. Microsoft has created a range of constantly evolving agreements that provide options for customers both large and small. 

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